And so, I Became the Cherry Blossom Leaves

And so, I became the cherry blossom leaves.
Fire like cherry blossoms burn my body.

Melting it, burning it, turning it to ashes.
I’ll soon disappear. I’ll soon die…

My beloved brother died from a plague.
My mother died from a famine.
My father died from a war.
And now, I’m all alone.

In the Kingdom of Light,
I was then brought into an orphanage.
And there I met Belle,
My first friend.

And so, I met a wonderful friend.
A friend like that of a beautiful rose.

So delicate, so beautiful, yet hurts you with those thorns.
She and I loved each other and soon…

Years have passed in there.
Nobody adopted me or her.
We were truly like family.
And we made a promise to each other.

A promise never to be broken.
A promise never to be destroyed.
It was our secret oath.
It was our promise.

And so, everything was well.
A promise like that of a glass.

So delicate, so beautiful, break it and it’ll never be back.
She and I loved each other yet…

One night, you broke our promise.
With a narcisstic look, you smiled.
My mind that geared madly,
Let out a curse.

"I hope you feel the pain my entire family felt!"
Filled with hatred,
I accidentally stumbled on a fire lantern
And soon, a fire broke out.

And so, my friend burned to ashes.
The orphanage as well burned to ashes.

All those piercing wails, miserable cries, they’ll never survive.
“What have I done?” I said.

From the house that turned to ashes,
From the cherry blossoms that charred me as well,
And from my mind that geared madly,
I caused… death.